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“We Run With Quality”

All Types of Maintenance Needed Are Inclusive, With The Most Experienced & Know Ledged Crew with International Quality & Ship Schedule Set as Their Prior Target. Wherever The Ship Needs Repairs While in Egypt, We Are There to Serve Our Ships with A Good Quality Services Also We Are Able to Arrange Booking of Dry & Flouting Docks in All Egyptian Docks Such as Port Said, Suez and Alexandria.

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Repairs Services List:

• Decarbonizing Of Water Tube And Fire Tube Boilers.
• Repair Damaged Seats Of Valves.
• Clean Super Heaters.
• Purifiers And Separators.
• Refrigeration, Air Condition Plants And Ventilation.
• Hydraulic Units And Systems.
• Steering Gears.
• Heating Coils.
• Heat Exchangers, Coolers, Heaters, Condensers.
• Evaporators, Distillers.
• Pipes, Valves And Pipe Line Fittings.
• Deck Machinery, Winches, Windlasses, Capstans And Cranes.
• Coupling And Rubber Work For Hatch Covers, Watertight Doors.
• Safety Equipment, Firefighting Systems.
• Surface Preparation, Sand And Grit Blast Up To SA 2.5, Paint.
• Tank Cleaning, Engine And Pump Room Bilge Cleaning.
• Welding, Brazing And Gas Cutting.
• Steel Works.
• Containers Repairs.
• Underwater Cleaning Of Hull.
• Anchor Installation & Repairs.