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“On Time, On Task. On the Move”

Our Company Has Suez Canal Agency Service Through Her Own Privet Agency License Only and Acting as A Privet Agent Dealing Directly with The Suez Canal Authority and The All Local Egyptian Port Authorities for Any Types or Sizes of the Vessels.

Our Wide Experience Ensures a High Quality for All Agency Services Provided in The Suez Canal and Our Agency Team Are Ready to Assist Ship Owners, Operators and Charterers with Any Matters Such as Transit Services or Collection of Toll Rebates from Suez Canal Authority Also to Collect and Negotiate Applicable Rebates with Suez Canal Authority for All Ship Types. We Have One of the Strongest Government Policies in The Shipping Industry and Are Happy to Present How We Stay Compliant. Your Challenge Is Our Own.

New Suez Canal Agent

and also to set up a new administrative capital of Egypt

The new Suez Canal - one of the challenges that the Egyptian record-breaking In digging a new channel to be a corridor for global navigation


Our Operations Team Are Keeping Ship Owner, Master in Daily Updating During 24 Hours / 7 Days a Week Basis by The Convoy Schedule’s Either for Southbound or Northbound Along with All Prospects Timely Also Keeping the Local Authorities in Daily Updating by Vessel ETA and All Prospects Timely.

* Our Main Activates During Suez Canal Transit Either for Southbound or Northbound:

General Provisions & Technical Equipment’s Suppliers | Nautical Publications & B.A Charts Suppliers | Underwater Clean Up & Inspections | Crew Change & Medical Assistance | Coordination of Class Attendance | Mail Package Delivery & Dispatch | Bunkers & Lubricants Suppliers | Technical Assistance & Repairs | Parcels Clearance & Delivery | Cash to Master Delivery | Fresh Water Suppliers | Waste Removal

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Canal Dues Calculator & Rules of Navigation

Suez Canal Agent
Please note that the aim of this calculation is to give an estimate tolls. Suez Canal Calculator | Rules of Navigation